6 Doily Designs for Dressing Up Your Scrapbook Pages

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Recent digital scrapbooking trends have left my doily stash well supplied. But, what good is a heaping stash of doilies if I don’t have ideas on how to use them on my pages?

Good news. With the help of some of my digi friends, I’ve put together six fantastic ideas for embellishing with doilies. Check this out:

Doily Banners. Slice your doily in half and string up a bunch of duplicates. Add in the Shear filter to give the whole thing a little swag. How cute is that?

Doily Frames. Place a circular photo mask in the center of the doily. Clip a photo to the mask, then change the color of the doily to match the photo. Isn’t my Jackson a sweetie?

Doily Dress-Up. Clipping a doily to any tag or journaling card will instantly deem it dressy. Or, for an added look of realism, cut your doily slightly larger than the tag to emulate the look of it being wrapped around the edges.

Doily Corners. Cut a wedge out of a doily, stitch it to your page, and enjoy the look of a photo corner. You may be tempted to do this on all four corners, but less is more in this case.

Doily Stencils. Select the inverse of a doily, then use a Stipple brush to create a stenciled look. Try it on banners, borders, cards, or just a scrap of paper. No need to be picky. Imperfection is the key to realistic results.

Doily Stamps. Fill your doily with a solid color, then erase parts of it with a Rolled Rag brush. This creates a gorgeous stamped-on look. Just be sure to avoid adding a drop shadow.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. Have a great week, friend, and happy designing with doilies!

Have a great week, friend.


Jen White


Note: The “Crochet” embellishment from Anita Design’s Two Hearts kit was used in each of the six design illustrations. The photos are of myself and my sweet puppy Jackson. No doilies were harmed in the making of this newsletter.

Here are some great doily resources for you:

Two Hearts by Anita Designs (February 2013 Premier Kit)


A Mother’s Heart by Susan Bartolini (May 2012 Premier Kit)


We Celebrate by Julie Mead Designs (July 2012 Premier Kit)


Doily Magic Video Tutorial by Susie Roberts (February 2013 Premier)
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2 Responses

  1. Mary Ann
    | Reply

    Hi Jen, I have never heard of a rolled rag brush, can you tell me where I can find something like that or a tutorial to make one?

    • JenWhite
      | Reply

      Hi Mary Ann. 😀
      You can find the Rolled Rag brushes in the Faux Finish Brushes set.

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