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AdoramaPix Photo Book from Text Messages

Alaska book header

Did you know you can make a beautiful gift book using journaling and photos from text messages? Check out my Alaska Adventure photo book printed by AdoramaPix and enter for a chance to win a free 10×10 book from AdoramaPix! Read More »

Ten Things I Learned About Scrapbooking from My Hot Air Balloon Ride


Ride with Linda Sattgast on her magical balloon ride across California terrain while she shares ten scrapbooking insights. Read more >>

Christmas 2012 Giveaway


A box in the mail is generally a fun thing to get, but when it’s full of books that you’ve written, and you’re seeing them for the first time, it’s even more special! Read more >>

Easy Page Design 2 Class

Easy Page Design 2 Class

It’s Linda Sattgast here, popping in to give you a very special announcement about my new class. Read more >>

3 Scrapbooking Lessons I Learned At The Symphony


I recently attended a symphony of a composer I know almost nothing about.

The composer’s name is Gustav Mahler, and all I really know about him is that my son likes his music so much that he talked our entire family into going to LA to attend a series of concerts featuring his works. Read more >>

Printing Your Scrapbook Album

Printing Your Scrapbook Albums

Printing a scrapbook album used to be a no brainer for me. I used Shutterfly and always got great results. But now Shutterfly has made some changes that have left me scratching my head.

What are they thinking? Certainly not about digital scrapbookers… Read more >>

How To 10X Your Scrapbook Productivity in 2012


On this first day of 2012, allow me to me ask you a very important question. What are your scrapbooking goals for 2012?

What? You don’t have any?! OK. It’s time to get down to business and do some serious planning.

Do you have some areas of digital scrapbooking that could be improved?
Are there some new skills you would like to tackle?
What projects would you like to finish in 2012? (Notice I said “finish,” not “start.”)

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the 1953 Harvard graduates who were asked what their goals were, whether they had written them down, and whether they had a plan to accomplish their goals. Eighty-four percent of them had no specific goals other than “to enjoy life.” Thirteen percent had specific goals, but only 3% had actually written the goals down and had a plan of action to achieve them.

Twenty years later, the same class was surveyed, and the results were astounding. Read more >>

Announcing Photoshop Elements 10


See the new features on PSE 10 that Linda Sattgast likes best! Read more >>

Scrapper’s Guide 8th Birthday!


Scrapper’s Guide’s is having our 8th Birthday! Hear the story of our beginning from Linda Sattgast and a SALE! Read more >>

A Formal Affair to Remember


I had a date with James Bond, so why was I wasting time bargain hunting at Chico’s?

One of the most enjoyable kinds of journaling is anecdotal—the interesting stories that give you behind-the-scenes facts, especially the kind that make you grin.

A short anecdote often tells more about you or a loved than straight journaling.

For example, if I simply told what we did on our 29th anniversary, it would remind us of the day, and the photos would add another dimension, but it wouldn’t give a true picture of what really went on. Read more >>


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